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Lac de Montbel

Sand castles and pedal boats

It’s thecool oasis of the Cathar Pyrenees, ideal for a day at the beach… or fishing. Straddling the border between the Aude and Ariège departments, Lac de Montbel is the most beautiful lake in the Pyrenees, and offers something for everyone: sunbathing, games, sailing and fishing!

An oasis of freshness

with your family

Looking for a refreshing break, a moment where children can play freely while parents enjoy the moment? Lac de Montbel is theideal place for a day out that will delight children and parents alike. On the Montbel or Léran side, the beach awaits you!

With the Tabe massif and the Pics du Saint Barthélemy and du Soularac in the background, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the place. This immense lake offers you all the pleasures of nature: an avalanche of blues and greens, from turquoise water to verdant undergrowth… An oasis of freshness!


Sand beach

Inflatable games

Supervised swimming

View of the Pyrenees

Around the lake

On foot

By bike

By horse

16 km

Nautical activities


Pedal boat



Tree climbing

4 Adult courses

3 Children’s courses (0/8 years)

60 games

Petitou” area (0 to 3 years)

the beach for romantics

Lac de Montbel is also the ideal spot for an evening picnic as the sun spreads its last light over the Pyrenees. The sky blazes as the golden hour shimmers over reality. Everything is more beautiful… Unforgettable moments of beauty and sharing.