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A little history

The priory was fortified during the Hundred Years’ War, following the threats and devastation caused by the English led by the Black Prince (son of the King of England) and then by the roaders. A part of this enclosure is still visible in the present lice (at the level of the entrance of the church). It includes a certain number of firing slots designed for archers and crossbows. Then in the early 16th century, the prior of Camon, Philippe de Lévis doubled the defenses by including the village. This rampart consisted of battlements and fire hydrants breaking with the medieval tradition. During the Wars of Religion, Cardinal Georges d’Armagnac embellished the existing fortifications with new, more elaborate fire hydrants as well as a heightening of the ramparts.


To visit

  • The church and private priory
  • The village
  • The fragrant rose garden
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