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Leisure activities

Whether you like the land, flying with the birds or going round in the water, this is the place for you… There’s something for everyone: for the quiet ones in search of a connection with the elements, as well as for the daring and the risk-takers in search of sensations! In the heart of the Cathar Pyrenees, it’s the great outdoors! If you like active vacations, sporty weekends or stimulating after-work sessions, you’re bound to find an activity to meet your expectations. Fill up on energy and book the activity that suits you best in just a few clicks!

Water is life! It’s the laughter and joy of children, the games they play, but also the silence of a canoe trip, disturbed only by the sound of the paddles. It’s also the beating heart of the rapids or the suspended time of a fishing trip…

Our tour guides offer you the opportunity to visit the Cathar Pyrenees with an expert eye and a wealth of anecdotes! See our suggested tours for individuals and groups on the following pages.

Our Cathar trails are waiting to be explored by hikers! From simple strolls to long hikes, there’s a path for you… Whether you’re a pilgrim, a walker, a rider or a cyclist, the Cathar Pyrenees will surprise you with their incredible, ever-changing landscapes and the beauty of their paths.

Summer but not onlyin the Cathar Pyrenees

Why not come and discover autumn and its shimmering colors, or treat yourself to a winter getaway in the Monts d’Olmes… There’s sure to be a season to suit you….