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Let yourself be dazzled

The most beautiful sites and panoramas in the Cathar Pyrenees

Want to take in the sights and sounds… You’ve come to the right place to contemplate the Cathar Pyrenees in all their splendour. Away from the crowds and the noise, we offer you beauty, grandeur and WHAOUUUUUUUU!


The most beautiful viewpoints

There are places like this where the magic happens, where a stroll becomes a real pilgrimage that invites you to take a step back and let your soul soar in the face of so much beauty. Whether you’re in love for a romantic picnic, or on a familyadventure, take the time to enjoy the moment!

Spotlight on

Old stones and pretty villages

Montségur, Camon and Mirepoix are the trio of villages that reveal the soul of our Cathar Pyrenees. It’s a journey back in time: as you stroll through their streets, in the shadow of their preserved houses, you can expect to see a knight straight out of the Middle Ages, or a procession of Cathar Perfects… Or maybe you’ll come across a weaver or a potter?

Let yourself be guided

The mood of the moment