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Simple and authentic

The soul of our villages

The Cathar Pyrenees are full of villages and hamlets that have retained their authenticity. Stopping off for a visit will allow you to soak up the spirit and history of the place… Here’s a selection of these little towns and villages, with their sometimes hidden charms, to accompany you on your exploration of the most typical of them.

Let the magic work

These are the region’s must-sees. Mirepoix, which gives its name to a recipe, and its pretty market hall invite you to stroll around and stop for a coffee to enjoy its lively, medieval history. Camon, with its rose-bedecked facades, is our little Carcassonne… it hides its secrets behind solid ramparts that dare you to enter and discover it.

A journey through history

The spirit of Ariège villages

Some of our lesser-known villages conceal a charming, sometimes stunning, always authentic beauty: Vals, Roquefixade, Montségur… are on the road to your discovery, and typical hamlets will surprise you at the turn of an alley or a square. Take the time to stop and discover them, and you’ll enter the heart and soul of the Cathar Pyrenees.