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The Cathar Pyrenees in Ariège

Family destination

The Cathar Pyrenees are the ideal destination for family vacations and weekends! It’s a paradise for getting your whole tribe together and sharing unforgettable moments, whatever your desires! Whether you’re looking for new experiences or relaxation, our little corner of nature in the Ariège region is full of possibilities for all ages. From outdoor adventures to cultural discoveries, every moment spent here is an opportunity to strengthen family ties while exploring the treasures our destination has to offer.

Family agenda

For young and old

In this section, you’ll find at a glance all the activities in the Cathar Pyrenees specially designed for families, and children in particular. Get moving, ask questions and get away from it all during these fun activities, participatory workshops or screenings ofdiscoveryfilms for young audiences! Enjoy new experiences based on sharing and discovery, where moments of joy andlearning are the order of the day!

Treasure hunts

To adventure!

Explore the must-see tourist sites of the Cathar Pyrenees by putting yourself in the shoes of real adventurers! Equipped with your downloadable game booklet, take your whole tribe on an exciting tre asure hunt to discover all the forgotten secrets of these places steeped in historyMotivation, team spirit and a keen sense of observation are the qualities required to solve all the riddles and achieve the greatest reward of all: to see the sparkling eyes and smiles on the faces of all the participants!

Adventure à la carte

Play and picnic areas

Discover the perfect spots for a family break in the Cathar Pyrenees. From playgrounds where you can let your little ones’ energy run wild, to picnic spots where you can enjoy a friendly moment in the heart of nature, this section contains all the information you need to organize your getaway.

Family outings

Nature explorations

Discover the landscapes and heritage of the Cathar Pyrenees with your family. A selection of walks accessible to children, from a short 30-minute stroll to a walk with a snack or picnic break.

Looking for other activities?

spice up your leisure activities!

Discover a world of adventure and discovery, and be inspired by a multitude of outdoor experiences to suit every taste!