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From farm to table

Beauty, goodness and short circuits...

Our producers are committed to delighting you with quality products and preserved flavors. Come and meet the men and women who bring to light an agriculture that respects the earth.

Our producers' know-how

The second edition of the Producers’ Guide takes you on a journey to meet men and women who are proud of their know-how. They invite you to share the fruits of their daily labor, so that you can prepare healthy, balanced meals. A way of offering you the best the region has to offer!

You’ll find out where to buy and dine, where savoir-vivre and savoir-faire come together. This is the future of our Pyrenean land. Over 100 producers and craftsmen welcome you directly to their farms. It also lists sales outlets and restaurants offering menus based on local produce. The short circuit gives you the power to make your own food choices and become a full-fledged player in a stronger agricultural economy.

The Communauté de Communes du Pays d’Olmes et du Pays de Mirepoix has produced this guide to facilitate meetings and exchanges between producers, processors and consumers, and to strengthen the links between them. The guide is part of a drive to strengthen the local economic fabric.

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