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The Caroulet lookout

Memoirs of an ancient glacier

When people talk about the village of Montségur, they describe it as being built on a soulane slope. But it’s hard to imagine that the northern part of the village ends at the edge of a cliff. It’s from the top of this cliff that we offer you a breathtaking and little-known view of the Caroulet gorges.

An easy path

It’s easy to get to the Caroulet lookout: start from Montségur’s main square (you can’t miss it – that’s where the church is).

Behind the building, on the right, a small street leads down to the Place du Caroulet. There’s even a small signpost indicating “Roc du Caroulet/point de vue”. Following this direction, a few steps lead up a narrow access between a house with yellow shutters and green frames on one side and a low stone wall on the other.

Once past the building, the view opens up: it’s an ideal picnic spot! A few steps away, higher steps lead you to the edge of the cliff, to the famous viewpoint.

An incredible view

The Caroulet gorges open up before you. You can see the Montségur pog on the left and the Mousse rock on the right. You can even make out two hamlets that seem to emerge in the hills, the hamlet of Serrelongue and further on the hamlet of Morenci.

The Caroulet Gorge bears witness to the presence of a glacier in prehistoric times, which disappeared over 8,000 years ago.

How do I get there?

By car

From the D9, coming from the château, follow signs for the village of Montségur / Fougax et Barrineuf.

At the entrance to the village, near the Mairie (town hall), there is a parking lot, and a second one a little further down, at the exit to the village.

To visit

  • The Church of the Nativity
  • The village of Montségur
  • The fortress

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