Castella's point of viewCastella's point of view
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Spotlight on the Pyrenees

From the Castella lookout to La Chapelle Saint-Roch

The Castella plateau is the highest point in Laroque d’Olmes. Built on a rocky outcrop, the old town of Laroque d’Olmes overlooks the Touyre river and offers a magnificent view of the Pyrenees chain. From the belvedere, the horizon opens up to a circular view of the plain, the fortress of Montségur and the Saint Barthélémy, Lac de Montbel and the Pyrenees in the background…

A 180° panorama

From the square overlooking the surrounding area, plunge into the town’s old quarter. The Plateau du Castella offers a magnificent circular panorama stretching across the plain and beyond the Plantaurel to Montségur and Saint Barthélémy.

Why not take advantage of this incredible view for a picnic break? The viewpoint’s orientation table will provide you with all the information you need to identify the landscape features that open up before you. The landscape interpretation panels are a valuable source of learning.

After your picnic, to stretch your legs, continue the walk to the Saint Roch chapel. After a 30-minute walk, you’ll arrive at the little chapel built in the 14th century following the great plague: Saint Roch had dedicated his life to the plague victims. The chapel is built on an open site. Watch out for the wind! But from this vantage point, you can see Lac de Montbel.

How do I get there?

By bike or on foot

Mountain biking: circuits 8 -7 – 15 “.

Hiking: circuit 17 in the Touyre and Hers valleys.

For the less sporty

In Laroque d’Olmes, enter the old town (towards Mirepoix) and head for the Castella church.


To visit

  • The 14th-century church, its original lock and great organ
  • Saint Roch chapel
  • Remains of the old castle rampart

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