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Family picnic

Moulzoune pond

At an altitude of 1,385 m, a quiet, cool little corner of paradise awaits you: theMoulzoune pond, a reservoir in the heart of a cirque, was created on an ancient peat bog between beech and coniferous trees. The ideal place for a family day out!

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Charlotte tells...

"Of all the hikes I've done in the Cathar Pyrenees, the one to Etang de Moulzoune remains my favorite, because the pleasure of the eyes is omnipresent. Breathtaking panoramas, a dazzling view over the valley and the few machines left there, a vestige of the past when the Fangas quarry hired French and Spanish workers to extract talc from the mountain."

On the road to the mine

To reach the Moulzoune pond, take the road leading to the Monts d’Olmes resort. Halfway up, I turn onto a forest track marked by a sign on the left that reads “Route de la Mine”. The road is passable, so I take my time climbing. When I’m more than halfway up, I stop to photograph the majestic Montségur castle on its pog.

At the finish line: a view of the high-altitude forest, its tall beeches mixed with fir trees. Take a deep breath.

Be careful, it’s a climb, so bring good shoes! We load up the picnic and set off for a 10-minute climb to the Moulzoune pond.

Easily accessible, it’s perfect for a family getaway. After an appetite-boosting walk, it’s time for a picnic on one of the wooden tables and benches. There are even stone barbecues!

Under the trees, it’s the ideal place to enjoy a cool meal. You can also take a walk around the artificial lake.

Start from the picnic area, walk past the two wooden chalets, which give off a little Canadian air, cross the wooden bridge and return to the starting path through the woods. The pond is a fishing reserve intended to restock the rivers of the Ariège region, so fishing is prohibited.

The Fangas mines

Above the pond are the old Fangas mines at an altitude of around 1450 metres.

This hike is more difficult for little legs, as it climbs a lot. It’s easy to find your way: just follow the frogs… on the directional signs.

After two fairly steep climbs, the view is spectacular, with the Moulzoune pond in the foreground and the valley behind. On a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Lac de Montbel.

Traces of the former miners can be seen in the machines left on site and an old abandoned house where vegetation largely dominates. Testimony to a mining past, these industrial remains remind us of the hard life and work of yesteryear in this mountainous area, carried out by courageous men many decades ago.


Take the road leading to the Monts d’Olmes resort.

At the halfway point, there’s a woodland track with a sign on the left reading “Route de la Mine”.

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