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The Fontestorbes fountain

Extraordinary and mysterious

The Fontestorbes fountain is a geological curiosity unique in the world for its power. It is famous for itsnatural intermittent flow phenomenon, which takes place from mid-July to mid-November, offering visitors a delightfully refreshing break.

A mystery

finally unveiled

For a very long time, the Fontestorbes fountain remained a real mystery… Classified as a natural site in 1921, its waters cascade from a monumental porch in a cliff face. The spring flows steadily most of the year, but when the water level is low, the resurgence is intermittent in ways no one could explain.

It wasn’t until 1965 that the cause of this curious phenomenon was demonstrated by Alain Mangin, an engineer at the CNRS in Moulis. He explained the interruptions by the presence of a pipe with an air intake upstream.

How do I get there?

By car

From Lavelanet, head for Bélesta (9km), go through the town and follow the sign to the Fontestorbes fountain.

After 1.5 km, you’ll find a small parking lot close to the site.

Good to know

During the summer, a tourist information point is open from July to August in Fontestorbes: we’ve got lots of great ideas for extending your stay!

After your visit, you’ll want to take a break for a bite to eat or a picnic. And to extend the pleasure, takethe kids to the nearby accrobranche course.

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