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Sunset over Roquefixade

The Calm plateau

A peaceful village, a path that meanders quietly up to the Calm plateau, dominating the Ariege Pyrenees chain in the distance, overlooking Roquefixade castle and the Lesponne valley. In this green setting, where the clouds meet, you can enjoy one of the finest panoramas in the region.

Taking the plunge

The Calm Plateau hike is a 4km round-trip trail with a 230m vertical drop. This 2-hour walk offers a new perspective on the fortress of Roquefixade.

From Roquefixade village square, take the path up to the castle. At the halfway point, an orientation table offers a spectacular panoramic view of the various peaks of the Tabe massif, the Lesponne valley and Montségur castle in the distance. Continue on, then turn right at the castle sign and start climbing the steep path. Once at the foot of the fortress, admire the view over the bastide town of Roquefixade before continuing your ascent to reach the highest point of the Calm plateau.

You’ve arrived! Your efforts will be amply rewarded by the 360° panorama and the bird’s-eye view of the castle and the valley below. The hike is particularly worth a detour at the end of the day to admire the last rays of sunshine and the shimmering lights of twilight.

How do I get there?

By bike or on foot

Mountain bikers can ride the “3 noir” circuit.

Hikers can reach the Calm plateau via the famous Chemin des Bonshommes (GR 107) or the “21 Bleu” hiking trail. From the village of Roquefixade, there are 12 hiking trails around the castle.

By car

From Lavelanet, take the D117 towards Foix and turn right, following Roquefixade along the D9A. Once in the village, you can park in the small parking lot before setting off on your adventure!

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