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On the Camon bridge

Another view from the Voie Verte

The charming village of Camon, listed as one of France’s most beautiful villages, is definitely worth a visit. But not just any village – the most spectacular! Don’t look any further, it’s just over the bridge on the voie verte. Come to this peaceful spot to take a break and enjoy the breathtaking view of the fortified town.

Take some

A feast for the eyes!

Camon is tucked away in a green valley. Nestling in a loop of the River Hers, this charming village grew up around an abbey built in the 10th century, before becoming a fortified priory. The walk we suggest will give you an original view of this little town of 100 rosebushes.

Ideally, we invite you to take this walk by bike or on foot, along the Chemin des Filatiers. The “voie verte” crosses the river Hers, and it’s from the bridge that you’ll get the best view of Camon.

Don’t hesitate to climb down from the bridge (there’s a staircase!) to reach the banks of the river and enjoy the freshness of the water. Picnic tables are available.

An easy stroll for the whole family, or why not take a romantic break, with roses to match!

How do I get there?

By bike or on foot

Take the greenway from Mirepoix to Lavelanet. The old railroad line shows you the backdrop, the one you never see. It passes over the Camon bridge.


For the less athletic or those in a hurry, you can come by car from Mirepoix: take the D625. At the entrance to Bastide de Bousignac, turn left immediately onto the D7 towards Chalabre, Lagarde and Camon.


To visit

  • The church and priory
  • The village
  • The scented rose garden

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