waterfalls of Roquefortwaterfalls of Roquefort
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The Roquefort waterfalls

The freshness break

We often hear that Nature works wonders… and the petrifying waterfalls of Roquefort les Cascades are the proof! This succession of waterfalls gushing out of a lush setting is a refreshing change of scenery.

A marvel


But what could have shaped these impressive waterfalls,some thirty metres high? And why is the rock they’re made of so light?

It’s enough to make you wonder about this rare and fragile geological curiosity!

The waterfalls are in fact the result of chemical phenomena that cause limestone deposits to form on the vegetation. The waterfalls are fed by the waters of the Turasse, which are overflowing with this mineral substance. Projections from the waterfalls are deposited on mosses and pieces of wood, forming a white or beige crust.

The degradation of the vegetation gradually leaves plenty of tiny holes, giving the rock a porous, sponge-like texture. This is called tuff and is referred to as cascade tufière.

Over the wire


The petrifying waterfalls of Roquefort form a natural ensemble that evolves throughout the year.

In spring and autumn, when the snow and rain melt, the site offers a magnificent natural spectacle.

In winter, when temperatures fall below freezing, the waterfalls can freeze and form magical stalactites.

In summer, you’ll be amazed by the natural beauty surrounding the waterfalls, and can explore cavities and shelters that are inaccessible when covered by water.

How do I get there?

By car

From the village of Roquefort les Cascades, follow the signs to the waterfalls.

Parking close to the site.

ATTENTION: large campervans should plan to park on the outskirts of the village, as the small road leading to the waterfalls is narrow.

On foot

From the parking lot, take an easy 1-hour stroll to discover the site.

Picnic tables or “guinguette des cascades” open in fine weather.

We advise you to wear good footwear when venturing into the vegetation and on ground that can be wet and slippery, and to maintain a certain degree of vigilance.

To visit

  • The waterfalls of Roquefort les cascades
  • Roquefort castle ruins
  • Hiking around Roquefixade