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The Textile and Horn Comb Museum

The Musée du Textile et du Comb en Corne de Lavelanet (Lavelanet Textile and Horn Comb Museum) presents the stages in the manufacture of cloth and horn combs in the atmosphere and ambiance preserved from one of the town’s 1st cloth factories. The visit is well worth the detour, an invitation to travel through materials and eras, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.


Charlotte tells...

I'd been wanting to visit Lavelanet's textile and horn comb museum for a long time. It's a must-see in the Cathar Pyrenees, and many people recommended it to me.
I took advantage of a day when the weather was rainy and my 7-year-old daughter and I were itchy to push open the doors of the grand edifice.... And we were not disappointed!

A nice visit

for young and old

The museum’s exterior reminds us, with its imposing ten-meter-high chimney, that we’re standing in front of a former textile factory in Lavelanet. Located right next to the river, a stone’s throw from the town center, it’s now a beautifully restored building with white walls and large skylights.

Once inside we’re given a handout explaining the tour, devoted to the two themes of textile and horn comb work.

We begin the discovery in the company of a guide and are captivated by the clear explanations on the history of the country and its industrial heritage. The comments are punctuated by demonstrations using hand tools or machines and by the viewing of documentary films, which sets the perfect pace for the visit.

Our friendly guide gave us the demonstration of hand spinning with a spindle. It’s really amazing! My daughter was wide-eyed as she confidently turned wool into thread at breakneck speed.

Art and

the way

In the end, the two-hour tour flew by. The balance between explanations and demonstrations was perfect for keeping my daughter’s attention. Our guide found the right words to tell us the fascinating story of the work and life of the men who lived on the land. We also really enjoyed seeing the precise gestures that transform the raw material.

After thanking our guide, we strolled through the store, which is filled with local products. I snapped up a little horn comb for my daughter. She was enchanted!

Here we are, our great afternoon over, and we promise to return soon to take part in one of the many workshops offered by the museum.

We recommend:

  • To learn about the history of textile manufacturing, and that’s not a trivial souvenir to recount on your return from vacation 😊
  • To see demonstrations of machines from yesteryear that still work.
  • For its rich program of workshops, demonstrations and animations offered by passionate men and women.
Practical information


6 rue Jean Canal, Lavelanet


Group adults6€
Group children5€

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