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The village of Montségur

At the foot of the fortress

Situated at the foot of the emblematic, world-famous pog of Montségur, the village of Montségur has been awarded the Grand Site Occitanie label and is currently applying to join the Opération Grand Site de France initiative.

A cathar village

In the Middle Ages, Montségur was a Cathar village, growing up in the shadow of the mountain-top castle (le pog). Alone and the last to resist the Roman Catholic Church, Montségur eventually gave in and suffered tragedy. The fortress was rebuilt, and the village was rebuilt on its current site.

At the end of the 15th century, it boasted a square square, now the Caroulet district, lined with half-timbered houses. On today’s village square stands the church of Notre Dame de la Nativité, built in the late 16th century and enlarged in the 18th. At the eastern end of the village, the Caroulet belvedere offers a breathtaking view of the gorges and the ancient glacial valley of Montségur.

Legend joins history here, and many typically Montségurian tales and legends from the evening vigils have stood the test of time and still fuel the mystery today…

Montségur is at the heart of the Massif du Saint Barthélémy nature reserve.

On the northern slopes of the Massif de Tabe, between Pic de Soularac (2,368m), Pic du Saint Barthélémy (2,348m) and Sarrat de Caudeval (1,800m)you’re in Ariège’s first nature reserve. Created in 2015, it offers an exceptional natural area for explorers, hikers and observers. Its mission: to protect, manage and raise awareness.

Here nature puts on a great show: strong geographical and geological features will hold the curiosity of budding geologists and satisfy the desire for beauty of lovers of natural landscapes. More than 1,000 m of vertical drop await you, from the montane to the alpine levels, where an exceptional diversity of natural environments is concentrated.

Go on an expedition through the reserve to discover the fauna, flora and geological sites. Workshops, tours and awareness-raising operations are organized regularly by the commune of Montségur and the Association des Naturalistes de l’Ariège. These enthusiasts will be delighted to help you discover and share the unique character of our territory and its biodiversity.

Places to visit

  • The church of the Nativity of Notre Dame
  • The archeological museum
  • The viewpoint over the gorges du Carroulet
  • The Saint Barthélémy’s natural protected area


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