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Our brochures

Here you’ll find all the publications from the Office de Tourisme des Pyrénées Cathares to download, so you can plan your stay with complete freedom. The tourist map, the “voie verte” leaflet and the programs of events we offer throughout the year are all just a click away, providing you with the essential information you need to explore the region!

The tourist map

Find at a glance the major points of interest in the Cathar Pyrenees: tourist sites, leisure bases, roads, hiking trails and lots of other practical information essential for organizing your stay.

Thanks to the new updated and restyled edition of the Cathar Pyrenees tourist map, fill up on ideas for activities, places to visit for a successful discovery of the perfect country 😉

Greenway brochure

The “Chemin des Filatiers” greenway is a former railroad track converted into a multi-activity trail. It’s a flat path with an excellent surface covering 38 km of the Cathar Pyrenees. The route offers magnificent walks and bike rides (VTC, VTT, VAE, gravel ) in complete safety, thanks to the entrance gates and secure structures. It perfectly combines sport, pleasure and culture, serving the Lac de Montbel, charming villages and must-see medieval towns such as Camon and Mirepoix.

With the voie verte flyer in your pocket, it’s easy to make an original trip tailored to your desires and your pace to fill up on unforgettable memories.

Discover the Grand Site

The third edition of the Opération Grand Site de Montségur events program is out! It’s packed with many new features, exceptional meetings and visits, and involved and committed players to offer you unforgettable moments. Above all, it’s an invitation to discover or rediscover our environment in order to better protect and enhance it.

Find all the information in the complete Grand Site discovery program or get to know the calendar of events at a glance thanks to the Grand Site discovery program flyer.