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Under the sun exactly

Have a bright day!

Looking for a one-day getaway from the hustle and bustle of modern life? Reconnect with the rhythm of nature and follow the cycle of the sun in the Cathar Pyrenees. We’ll take you on a quest for enlightenment!

L'heure bleue


When was the last time you took the time to watch the sunrise?

The ideal place to reconnect with the rhythm of nature and contemplate the rising sun is the summit of the Montségur pog. In the early hours of the morning, begin the twenty-minute ascent along the ancestral path to the castle. Once at the belvedere, take your time and sit down on one of the houses of the Cathar village (yes, here we sit on the remains of the houses). Clinging to the wall, they were there… even if you have to use a little imagination. The magnificent panorama unfolds before your eyes, lighting up as the minutes pass, until the first ray of sunlight appears! The explosion of light floods your face and rewards you for your efforts! If you squint, who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea, far away towards Montpellier. If you’re lucky and the weather cooperates, you’ll see a sea of clouds form and disappear at your feet.

This suspended moment between earth and sky is adorned with the colors of the sun. The sun rises over the Cathar Pyrenees in all its glory. It’s a rare pleasure, reserved for the early risers!

Secret guide

Around June 21, on the summer solstice, a unique solar phenomenon takes place. The rays of the rising sun enter through the arches of the keep, illuminating the two opposite arches in an orange light. Anarrow of light crosses the space! This magical and mysterious moment lasts only a few minutes, but it will remain engraved in your memory forever.

The sun at its zenith


Now set course for Mirepoix. This charming medieval town offers a festival of bright colors. The shimmering facades (pink, blue, yellow, ochre) of the half-timbered houses create an enchanting setting around the central square. However, you’ll find welcome shade and coolness under the covered roofs (medieval galleries) that surround the square.

It’s warm, the light is dazzling and you can enjoy a meal of local produce while you wait for the right moment. You’ve got time: solar noon is almost 2pm in summer and 1pm in winter. At solar noon, when the sun is at its zenith, head for the cathedral: it’s enthroned on the square behind the central market, and you won’t want to miss it.

Inside, the building lights up, revealing all its splendor thanks to the light streaming through its magnificent stained-glass windows. The sun’s rays tint the gray pavement with a thousand vivid colors, like scattered precious stones. Every detail of the architecture is revealed. The place is filled with magic and spirituality, inviting meditation.

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Every Monday morning, the big market takes place in the central square. Ideal for stocking up on local produce and soaking up the cheerful atmosphere with its southern accent (but not only!). A little café on the terrace is a must… It’s lively and cheerful, and the stalls with their colorful tarpaulins add an extra touch of color. It’s a great place to live! Don’t forget to stock up for a picnic if you need to, or let yourself be tempted by lunch on the terrace.

Golden twilight

Lake Montbel

To finish off this tour of the sun, what could be better than a sunset by the water? Then we’ll take you to Lac de Montbel! There, on the beach, everything calms down: the children are tired, the birds are looking for their nests… All you have to do is wait for the golden hour, when everything is bathed in golden light.

Savor this grandiose spectacle, cool by the water’s edge, in touch with nature. A moment of pure bliss! It’s a time for romantics…

Secret guide

After sunset, don’t go to bed! Keep following the light as the mood takes you!

  • Lantern light: if you feel like it, you can take advantage of the guinguettes and restaurants offering concerts and shows along the lakefront.
  • Starlight: hunt for shooting stars in the moonlight by the lake… From mid-July to the end of August, the Perseids promise a shower of comets!

Take a breath, a wonderful day has come to an end!