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At the foot of Montsegur castle

Guided tour

Refuge of the Cathar Church and stronghold of the Occitan resistance against French royalty and the papacy for forty years, Montségur was the tragic scene of the burning of 225 Cathars on March 16, 1244, after a siege lasting almost a year. Decades later, a new fortress was built with the help of the King of France. Let one of our guides tell you the story.

In the footsteps of the Cathars of Montsegur

If you can’t make it up to the castle, don’t miss our guided tour at the foot of the Montségur “pog”. In the “champ des brûlés”, a memorial to the Cathar heresy, we’ll immerse you in the fascinating history of the people who lived at the top of this mountain. We’ll also tell you the story of the Faydits knights, the resistance fighters who risked their lives to protect the Cathars for 40 years. During the tour, we’ll show you 3-D images that recreate the castrum (fortified village) where the Cathars lived. You can also relive the 10-month siege by the Crusader army, which ended with the tragic slaughter of 225 people on March 16, 1244. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the fascinating and tragic history of the Cathars of Montségur. How to get there, where to park the bus? Take the D9 in the direction of Montségur. Stop at the bus park at the foot of Montségur castle. This tour can be combined with another guided tour on request.

Practical info

Guided tour at the foot of the château Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


145€ package for groups of up to 40 people.

Meeting point

At the Montségur bus park (D9) 09300 Montségur


By phone 05 61 68 83 76
By mail


To visit

  • Montségur castle
  • The village of Montségur