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Both hands in the ground

It’s not such a long story, but it’s a story that’s been going on for 32 years: a story of clay… In August, the potters’ market is a must in Ariège! It’s a tribute to our craftsmen, but also an opportunity to broaden your artistic horizons… and it’s one that requires a good hand!

The art of pottery

Potters are a natural presence here. All the conditions are right: a land of character, the purity and strength of water and an inspiring natural environment. No doubt that’s why our potters and ceramists feel so at home here!

In their workshops, they create original art ceramics in stoneware, combining the expressions of pottery throwing with the search for glazes or the passion of Raku pottery. All pieces are made with love, passion and expertise.

Some offer one-off pieces, dishes, mugs, plates, pots, others secret boxes, Occitan crosses, doves of peace, sheep, soap holders….

This is the perfect opportunity to learn about this ancestral art in the creative workshops offered by our craftsmen. Open to adults and children alike, they invite you to get your hands dirty! Whether you’re working with clay, decorating or firing, you’re ready to create your own works of art. For those who want to go further, workshops are available on reservation.

Store and workshop opening times are by appointment only.

Mirepoix and the 40 potters

A true ode to creativity, don’t miss Mirepoix and its 40 potters in August. For the past 32 years, the Potiers d’Ariège association and the town of Mirepoix have organized this major two-day event.

Come and discover the artists who will take the time to reveal their secrets and share their passion with you: earthenware, enamels, everyday objects, decoration and even gardening!

You’ll be surprised to find that one-of-a-kind piece you’ve been waiting for, while the kids try their hand at modelling or decorate their bowls!

A festive moment to share with the whole family, for the joy of arts and crafts.