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Basket weavers

The art of weaving

Here in the Cathar Pyrenees, there’s a long tradition of basketry, which is now being revived. Come and discover these local craftsmen, learn more about their work and admire their creations.

An art form

The craft of basket weaving involves making objects using woven plant fibers, such as rattan, wicker or straw. Basket makers can create a variety of objects, from baskets and baskets to more elaborate chairs and furniture.

The manufacturing process begins with the gathering and drying of plant materials , which are then soaked in water to make them more malleable. The fibers are then braided and woven by hand to create the desired shape of the object. Basketmakers can also add decorative elements, such as patterns, dyes or handles, to personalize each piece.

Basket-making requires great manual skill, patience and attention to detail. It is often handed down from generation to generation in basket-making families. As well as being a creative and rewarding profession, it also contributes to the preservation of traditional craft techniques and to sustainability by using natural and renewable materials.

In the basket-maker's workshop

Several workshops in the region produce traditional wicker basketry, each with its own unique designs and pieces. Each wicker is creative and useful, fine and elegant, or robust and meticulous.

Each craftsman has his or her own particular expertise in wickerwork, characterized here by meticulous craftsmanship, fine finishing and long-lasting use.

Some of them offer 1 or 2-day introductory or advanced courses in basketry.

Most welcome visitors to their workshops by appointment.